BabyBackRibsChasu men

Do you want a taste of the past in the present?

In “Fumi's Kitchen“, the taste of noodles has remained almost the same, the way they’ve been enjoyed for decades. We pride ourselves on our Korean-Japanese fusion cuisine offerings.

Our food is made with the freshest ingredients available and always cooked to order. We believe in serving food the traditional Korean-Japanese way, with family in mind. Our food is best served family style although we have rice plates & Bento lunch specials for those who want to indulge themselves with a dish of their own or for those who are dining alone.  It has the tempura, the miso soup and everything else we offer and is available in the other variations of style.

Some Of Our Noodles:

* Yakisoba

* Nabeyaki Udon

* Babyback Rib with Chashu men

* Saimin

We also specialize in Chicken Katsu or Chicken Teriyaki they are both delicious dishes fit for rainy or cold days. This is usually sold in our restaurant along with other favorites .

Our dishes are carefully prepared with only the highest quality ingredients. Customer service and satisfaction is our top priority so please visit our restaurant and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. We strive to offer the best quality food and taste to our clients without the high price attached to it. 

Contact us for more information at (808) 327-2200